Behind the Signs!

So first things first, thank you for stopping by my page! I suppose after nearly three years of business I should probably take the time to introduce myself and share a few little tidbits about my business. 

So let's kick this off! My name is Courtney and I reside in the great state of North Dakota! Here I share a home with my husband Erik, our children Janson, and Evalyn, and our three dogs Boomer, Bella, and Stella! You could say our hearts and hands are incredibly full. 

*insert adorable family photo here*
we need to work on our family portrait skills

I started Settled on Spruce in the midst of wedding planning, raising my three year old son Janson, and finishing my Bachelor's in Business Administration. You could say I've always had a thing for organized chaos, or as my husband would say, "completely unorganized disasters". Let's just say the dishes are not always done, supper is pizza a little more often than not, and clean clothes don't always make it to the closet. I would like to say that after the wedding, my son getting older, and finishing my degree, things have became less chaotic, but what fun would that be? None! So to keep life interesting after my business startup we added another dog, which made it a total of 3 crazy muts in our household and further down the road we had our beautiful daughter Evalyn. With a full house its hard to believe I get anything done, but like all us moms do, I manage. 

Settled on Spruce has been a whirlwind experience from the beginning. Like many crafty businesses do, my business started with my own DIY Pinterest projects. I have always had a love for projects. Most days I have multiple going on at once. This usually results in disasters, not only in my shop, but also my office, living room, and kitchen table. Oh yeah, and by "shop" I mean garage, and yes ladies if you are reading this my husband complains constantly. He also loves to see my business flourish so he puts up with the sawdust scattered garage.  

If I have learned anything from this business it is to focus on your success and not the success of others around you. It is hard with social media constantly pressuring us to be better at every aspect of our lives. I have learned that I get much more accomplished when I set the phone down and make realistic goals for myself. Goals I know I have the ability to accomplish so at the end of the day I know I gave it my best shot, and yes list do actually help! It's something about physically scratching off that list that feels so good! 

So don't forget to add to your list today: remind yourself YOU are great!